Siblings & The Meaning Of Family

We either have siblings or we don’t, frankly I use to think the latter was luckier than I. To not have siblings would have been a dream come true. Quiet nights full of reading and writing, no late evening yelling matches, or having someone find out a secret from another’s mouth. On days like these, after getting done with a yelling match I long for a time where I could be the only child. I’d like to believe everyone with siblings have felt the same way before. Though as much as I hate them, I don’t know where I would be with out them.

Growing up, My sisters and I would always say, “I hate you.” Now a days it is a term of endearment but back then we meant it. My mother would then throw a fit and say the same lines of, “You can’t hate each other, you’re family, you have to love each other.” To which we all would respond with a grumble. But lately I have been thinking a lot about the quirky little line, why do I have to love them?  Honestly I believe you don’t have to love your family. Love is something you give to those who earn it, just because we share the same genetic make up doesn’t mean I have to love you. Love is a feeling one cannot force, you can’t force yourself or anyone to love another, even those with the same blood. Blood doesn’t even mean family.

Family to me is made up of those you love. Do I love my mother, father, and pesky little siblings? Yes. Is it because my parents I have made me? No. I love them because they have shaped who I am, and with out them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Same as my friends. They are my family, with out them I would be just as lost. So I retract my earlier statement, we in fact all have siblings. Your friends can be seen as siblings, even your animals. For who ever has your love is your family.

You, yes you reading this our my family. Taking your time reading this means you cared about what I had to say which means a lot. So you are my blogging family, do I love you? Not yet, I hardly know you, so I guess you aren’t really my family yet, let’s call it pre-family. Yeah, you are part of my pre-family.


2 thoughts on “Siblings & The Meaning Of Family

  1. I really appreciated this piece of writing and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I can see that what you have written has a lot of meaning to you. I don’t have any siblings myself but I love all of my family, because they have all done so many things for me. Thank you for writing this. Jake 😊


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